Why Can't Mom Have an Antibiotic?

Are you meeting resistance to a loved one being prescribed what you feel is a needed antibiotic? It may be because of a revised regulation. Now, instead of mandating only “infection control,” care facilities regulated under federal law must also work to prevent infection, as well as control it. Part of this effort now involves antibiotic stewardship.
The stewardship of antibiotics is a necessary shift in mindset. For too long, many of us have insisted on taking prescription antibiotics when we have a virus, using antibacterial hand soaps, and cleaning our houses with anti-microbial agents. The rise of resistant bacterial strains is the natural and dangerous result. There’s good evidence that children, for example, need to be exposed to microbes of many kinds to develop a properly functioning immune system.
However, when our elderly family or friends are living in a communal setting, extra medical vigilance is warranted. If you are meeting resistance from facility staff to what you believe is the warranted prescription and use by your loved one of an antibiotic medication, establish clear medical evidence for the need. Ask to see their antibiotic stewardship policy. Then present the evidence of the medical need for the antibiotic to the staff in a way that shows how the use of it by your loved one is consistent with their stewardship policy. If you still meet opposition, give me a call, 651-280-0002. I can put you in touch with further resources for resolution of a disagreement over use of an antibiotic in a care facility.