Joining a Partnership

How do you choose a lawyer?
You might ask a lawyer: “who would you hire?” Over time, I’ve developed an answer: someone connected to other lawyers, with some years of experience frequently working on the issues you need addressed, but whose practice remains small enough they can still be really responsive.

But my ability to be all those things has been hampered at times by being a younger solo.

So after years of practicing on my own, I’ve joined a partnership. My partners have expertise in tax, business law, and real estate, in addition to the estate planning and administration and business startup I’ve been doing. The partnership has support staff. Others can step in should I be temporarily (or permanently!) unavailable. We have office space that’s simple, comfortable, and approachable. So I still don’t have the fancy office and I’m not paying fancy office rent. We’ll keep the overhead low, just as before. But it will be an improvement for my clients in so many ways.

I look forward to meeting with you at my new office at 2345 Rice St., Suite 165. The number on my website is now answered by Robyn Marah, our crackerjack administrator. Soon our partnership, Hawke Law Group, will have a website up and running. Come and see us--we’ll be delighted.