Free--Your Ethical Will Template

The best plan is a motivated plan. I like Simon Sinek’s way of putting it: “Start with Why.” So much clarity is available when you’ve started with why. In estate planning, when a client knows, “my #1 goal is ___,” it simplifies both the process and, often, the final product. But many clients can’t finish that sentence.
If you agree with me that your estate plan should be woven from the same fabric as your life plan, you’ll find writing an ethical Will helpful. Drafted since ancient times, an ethical Will serves the universal desire to draw meaning from life and remembrance. An ethical Will does not transfer property, but it can protect your family from regret and soften their sense of loss after you decline or pass on. And the writer of an ethical Will benefits most from its creation, through the clarification of purpose that comes from asking yourself, “what has mattered? What ought to have mattered? How has my life served what I think matters, or how will it now that I see I haven’t been serving what I think is significant?”
Please contact me with an email request to april @ to receive my free ethical Will template. I’ll be delighted to start you on the path to a motivated life and estate plan. Or, if you’d prefer one mailed, please email or call 651-280-0002 to give me your address.